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Meinco's Newest Soil Qualified Designated Representative

We here at Meinco are so proud to share that one of our employees, Kyle Gaston, is now a Soil Qualified Designated Representative (DR)

For those of you that do not know what a Soil Qualified DR is, the Arkansas Department of Health defines this role as a DR who has successfully passed the soils portion of the Designated Representative testing procedure, as set forth by the Department. These individuals are certified to size absorption areas based on depth to seasonal water tables.

More information about what DRs are can be found on the ADH website.

Kyle has been working hard and mentoring under Meinco's other two DRs - David and Rene` Meints - for the past 3 years in preparation for taking the D.R. test. With as much work and studying Kyle put in, it's no surprise he passed with flying colors!

Get to Know Kyle Gaston

Kyle is one of Meinco's longest term employees with 2024 marking his 13th year with the company. He started out working as a Service Technician and has since worked as an installer and designer. Over the years, Kyle has proven to be an invaluable part of the company. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in all areas of service Meinco provides, making him a reliable mentor to our newer employees and a dependable problem-solver when faced with new challenges on the job.

Kyle now holds 4 licenses with the state of Arkansas:

  • Certified Monitoring Personnel

  • Advanced Septic Installer

  • Designated Representative

  • Class III Wastewater Operator

We are so proud of Kyle and his accomplishments and cannot wait to see where this new chapter will take him. Congratulations again, Kyle!


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