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Meinco installation project.

Commercial Installation Projects

Welcome to our Commercial Wastewater Installation Projects Page!​

Embark on a journey through our portfolio of impactful commercial wastewater installation projects, where innovation meets practicality to create sustainable solutions for businesses across diverse industries.

Pinnacle Mountain and Scott Schools

Pinnacle Mountain State Park Visitor Center

10,000 gallon septic tank, 5,000 gallon dose tank, 1000’ of transport line, (4) disposal zones,  800’ of line per zone, slave dose pump to each zone. Control panel to manage flows with telemetry.  Installed 2023.

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Hale Trailer

Two 1500 gallon STEP tanks, 1600’ of transport line, 400’ of line in disposal area. Installed 2023.

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Academics Plus / Scott School

Lift station, duplex pumps, 8,000 gallon trash tank, 10,000 gallon anoxic tank, 10,000 gallon aeration tank with (12) double stack BioBarrier Membrane BioReactor, UV disinfection, direct discharge. Installed 2023.

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2,000 gallon trash tank, duplex pumps to feed two HSFAST 0.9’s, 2,000 gallon dose tank, duplex pumps, headworks box, 800’ transport line, 8,000 square feet of drip dispersal. Installed 2022.

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